Posts tagged "weekend plans"
  1. Finish that midterm that was technically due last Monday but got pushed back to this coming Monday.
  2. Go fancy dress shopping for this gala thing in London.
  3. Get highlights maybe? Get my eyebrows waxed?
  4. Drink some beer outside.
  5. Start my lil garden seeds so I can have some veggies this summer.
  6. Probably binge the rest of season 2 of Teen Wolf?

I think I’ll be suuuper lazy next week because it’s spring break and even though I’ll be at work no one else will be. Should be good. I don’t think I could handle another week of classes right now.

  • Finish Misfits
  • Catch up on Lost Girl
  • Repaint my nails
  • Do laundry
  • Get rid of some clothes
  • Clean the bathrooms
  • Plan my garden
  • Plan my summer research trip so I can fill out grant applications
  • Bake oatmeal chocolate chip bars

Put up curtains in the open doorways to hold the cold air in. Plant myself on the couch in front of the ac unit and watch the Alien Quadrilogy and finish season 5 of Alias EVEN THOUGH I DON’T CARE ANYMORE BECAUSE OF WHAT JUST HAPPENED. Eat 100 freeze pops and a bunch of watermelon and drink pink lemonade by the gallon. Venture out for a late lunch with Sushyan. Play Triple Town for hours. Maaaaybe cook some corn on the cob and zucchini and squash from my Relay bounty box. I don’t plan on turning on the lights in any room all weekend.

  • loafing
  • lazing
  • laying about
  • eating cheese
  • eating chocolate
  • drinking cider (FYI, Woodchuck’s spring brew is more autumnal to me)
  • watching movies
  • reading Sense and Sensibility
  • reading Game of Thrones (well, A Feast for Crows)
  • snuggling with Sassy (and Flower since I’m dog-sitting Sunday)
  • maybe starting packing since I move in 5 weeks?
  • my first mystery shopping gig!
  • Take three bags of clothes to Goodwill
  • Eat cheese & drink wine
  • Watch season 2 of Big Love
  • Rewatch the last two eps of Sherlock
  • Paint my nails
  • Give blood
  • Read the Julian Fellowes book I’ve had for like 2 months
  • Go see Shame

Friday: Cupcakes, baseball game, home to watch the next 5 episodes of The Hour.

Saturday: Shopping for macarons and Dry Soda (hopefully Lavender, but I’d take more Vanilla Bean) at Amour, Supernatural for about 6 hours (2 discs worth), Doctor Who, baseball game.

Sunday: Downtown Abbey marathon since the new season is airing the in the UK. Work cookout. Cleaning my apartment, dammit. And finally putting a bunch of clothes up for sale, or in a bag for Goodwill because I am out of room for them.

Watch Clueless, eat pizza, donate blood, work x2, fix my computer, watch Supernatural, sell my old clothes (I’m off to heaven), play Snowball Fight on Wii, finish HP6, put books up on Paper Back Swap, get rid of 25 things in my room, go to Trader Joe’s and Gearhart’s, sleep in, put my suitcase away, make plans for TAI/NYC/Freefest and PY/HP/Orlando, paint my nails, buy flowers & candy for work.

Bike rides & basketball. Facial & manicure. The trifecta: cheese, champagne, cupcakes. Being Human series 3 (I am giddy/scared about watching this.)

  • Misfits marathon (I watched the first two eps last night—thanks to Peggah for pointing out the obvious, that I can watch on Youtube. I’m a little slow)
  • Scream trilogy. Librarian said “These are due back Monday, and we are not responsible for any nightmares you may have.”
  • Luminosity & Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality—fanfics I was introduced to this weekend that basically rewrite Twilight and HP1
  • Bourbon & ginger ales (and I’m all out of ginger ale)
  • Babysitting for my cousin (not after the previous item)
  • Parents delivering new bed Sunday, so rearranging a lot of things, probably, and hopefully getting all my pictures and posters put up finally!