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I made a thing.

Inspired by this, of course.

OMG, this is perfect in every way

Important collision of women in television. 



It’s time to start a support group for people who are still not over Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls. We’ll meet twice a month, talk about how that last episode ripped our hearts out, reminisce about the good times in their relationship, speculate about where they are now, and end every meeting by listening to “I Hear The Bells” by Mike Doughty and sobbing.


I’ll never get over that. I think “I Hear the Bells” is the only song I’ve ever heard on a tv show that I immediately went out and bought.


Pan Am, 1x08 - “Unscheduled Departure”

They are the best and the reason I watch Pan Am. It’s an entertaining show but I love them so much.

Just watched the pilot; I think I’ll be tuning in.

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I wonder what their new powers will be. I wonder what Joe Gilgun’s power will be. (Besides his power over me…swoon.)

Eeep, can’t wait!


Misfits webisode “Vegas, Baby!” on youtube. 

EEEEP reblogging to watch when I get off work!

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so much tv so little time because i have to watch them all on my computer and that’s in my room and i don’t eat in my room except for popsicles so i watch xfiles while i eat dinner


Uh oh. (x)

I think I need to watch this show.

I think Ben and Leslie are my favorite thing about TV ever.

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